Why do men come to Thailand?

Why do men come to Thailand?

It isn’t solely about sex. Is it?

It is personal to the individual, and on that note I will selflessly share my experience. It started 7 years ago, after a short visit. I had an ‘l’ll be back’ moment, a non-religious epiphany, if that’s possible. I arrived here on holiday to see my daughter. She had moved here to live in a changed culture after the turmoil of her education in UK.

Yes I had heard all the stories as to how Thailand held men captivated. In reality, this country can do exactly ‘what it says on the tin’, if you pick that particular tin. Wall to wall debauchery, the sex and drugs and rock and roll…Thais love their music! But much the same as many a place on the planet, boys will be boys whilst out in the garden! The essential difference is the back drop, the setting, the cultural distortions. This rarified atmosphere is a long way from home…wherever that might be! But conveniently forgotten, for now, whilst you get your knees dirty! There is more, much more.

I’ve met many guys during my years here whose raison de être is not dissimilar to my own? I’ve
travelled all over this country and never tired of the people, their culture, the food, the diversity of life in every nuance of the word. It has included the ‘s’ word, but that’s us being men! And it works both ways, whether for business or pleasure…welcome to the temple. Someone once penned ‘the pearls ain’t free’. But not just in the capital city.

The country’s geography is diverse and often stunning; the sea can be viewed from a piece of
paradise; the aroma of food ever hanging in the air; the weather is warm and humid…all these things healthily contribute to your enjoyment. As to does the sex industry, but not exclusively. I will say they (your hearts desire) are seamlessly attracted to you, and they have their motives. Ask the one who you love, judge the response accordingly, you’ll now understand you’ve been negotiating forever. You’re well experienced, of course!

Mankind has travelled the globe for centuries. They have procreated for far longer. If sex is a basic biological function, and is sought as a prize or trophy, then you can skip the preliminary rounds and get a bye to the final. Whether a win is achieved is for you to decide, but back to those pearls, it’s a market not without dips. Further, you might be swallowed up (metaphorically even!) by man’s collective worst enemy! Or you may lean the other way, I’m not one to judge. You pays your money…you know the rest. Beware the dark side though, that’s all I will say.

Come to Thailand, try not be distracted by the many nice prizes on show. Travel, eat, stop, sleep.

It’s fantastic, it’s your call. Visit once and you’ll know you want to come back…and only you’ll know why. Apart from me!

Andrew Burns

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