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Midweek Adventures on Soi Cowboy

On an unremarkable Tuesday after an afternoon failing yet again to sort my 90-day report online, I needed a release. So, I called my pal Jack Nites, photographer of repute and rising star in the BKK social media firmament and said, “I need tits and beer”. Always a man in the know, he replied, “Only one place then, Dollhouse on Soi Cowboy”.

Dollhouse is a favourite anyway, but here’s the kicker at the moment –  95-110 baht Happy Hour Until 9.30PM.

We settle in for a few cold ones, and maybe a couple of hot ones later, wink wink. As I sit there, I decide once and for all that Dollhouse has the best outfit in BKK.  It’s a gridiron sports top, but unlike the pussies in the NFL, without padding underneath. In fact, there’s nothing underneath at all. Just don’t offer to buy a drink for number 69, or you’ll go home broke.

The girls are generally on the younger and slimmer side – more wide receiver than linebacker, although there’s a couple of tight ends too, if you like that sort of thing. (Okay, you’re going to have to insert your own double entendre-based jokes here, you dirty-minded lot)

The girls aren’t pushy either and with the bar’s cheap beer promotion, it’s busy for a post-Covid Tuesday, so there’s a good atmosphere. Mr Nites chats to a couple of the girls he’s photographed recently whilst I try and fail to remember the name of the girl I bought a drink last time I was there. Ploy? Lek? Som?  Apparently, none of those. After feigning disappointment, she allows me to buy her a tequila, the kind soul that she is. We sit back, relax and let the night unfold as it often does on Cowboy.

Some gogo bars continue to pretend that they are overrun with “wadded” plasterers from Chelmsford, but it’s great to see others, like Dollhouse here, accepting the current reality and enticing the expat clientele. Good luck to them – give them a go.

Jack Wow

Pix Gallery by Jack Nites

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Cambodia Jim

Boss Man Dennis sent me some photos from our good friend Jim, who had visited Bangkok for a break and decided it would be fun to capture some shots of the Dollhouse Girls. Above are just a few of his photos from his recent visit.

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