Up Past Cocoa Time – A Tale Of Soi Cowboy

Up past cocoa time.

It appears to me that for many red light patrons, gogo bar reviews are paramount in giving an accurate description of Bangkok nightlife.

Last night as a result of ingesting too much coffee and sampling the delights of a new Marlboro Light brand that 12 years of non smoking had denied me, I found myself outside a Soi Cowboy 7/11 at way past closing time .

A very handy location to have one’s illusions of The Cowboy’s sanuk maak illusion smashed and a healthy juxtaposition to the gogo bar reviews previously mentioned .

First, the heavily tattooed and menacing “Thai Boyfriends ” arrived astride their PCX and click stallions. There to pick up their Thai damsels, they reeked of testosterone and had a posture resembling a pit bull in full attack mode. Although I’m sure they softened when the soft hand of their feminine accomplice handed over the night’s bounty and gambling and drug debts could be paid.More menacing were the

Toms .

Clean cut and sharp looking, they too were there to meet their more estrogen enabled other-half . Tough and with a confident conversational swagger they held court on wooden

tables . Their princesses were hypnotized by their Toms. It has cost me thousands to get a bargirl to look at me so I was suitably impressed.

Taxi drivers waited and a trickle of lithe beauties appeared in the dimly lit doorways of short time hotels, Despite their youth and beauty they looked haggard and worse for wear. Their handbags stuffed with cash and their minds full of unspeakable memories they one day hoped to forget . Only yesterday they were schoolgirls .

It was a war zone, Music blarin, Drunken bargirls staggering and sex workers sitting and politely waiting for the bus . Maybe things aren’t as good as they appear .

The highlight of the evening .

The 7/11 girl . She made a stellar pre packaged cheese toasted sandwich and had the eyes of an angel .

Never forget God has agents.

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