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The great city of Bangkok has three western oriented red light districts: Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong. Whilst all three have some similarities, they all keep their own identities and to a point have customers that prefer one over the other.

Soi Cowboy

For me, Soi Cowboy is the brightest of the three red light areas, it’s a small soi (road) that has just over 40 Agogo bars situated on both sides. It’s easily located from the Sukhumvit MRT or the Asok BTS line and it connects to Soi 23.

Lots of people ask where did the name Soi Cowboy come from, the history stems back to the 1970’s when the US airman T.G. Edwards with his oversized belt buckle and cowboy hat gained the nickname Cowboy opened his bar, at the time there were only a handful of bars located on the small soi.

Soi Cowboy is an area that is visited by tourists and expats alike, attracted by the chance of a quick photo of a ladyboy or a Gogo girl, whilst expats look on amused by something they have seen hundreds of times.

Some of the best bars to visit on the infamous soi are –Lighthouse, Shark, Tilac bar and the popular Country road that plays live music every night.


Nana Plaza

As the sign says on the entrance to Nana Plaza, “The World’s Largest Adult Playground”, Men of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes come to the three-floor adult playground to find what delights are on offer. An added bonus is that Nana was fitted with a state of the art roof that now protects those horny souls from the unpredictable weather in rain season.

Easily accessible from the Nana BTS station (a five-minute walk ), this place is the go-to red light zone for a huge array of top talent, every floor full of girls, girls and more girls and not forgetting a fair few ladyboy bars too.

Some of the  top bars on site are – Billboard, Bangkok Bunnies, Twister, Spankys and Mandarin 



Last but not least Patpong, located near the Sala Daeng BTS line (Silom) this red light zone is split into two soi’s,Patpong 1 and yip you guessed right Patpong 2.

Patpong is split by a nightly market that opens from 6pm until 1am seven nights a week.

The bars on both sides of the soi are divided by market stalls, Patpong Night Bazaar sells everything from Viagra and Gucci watches, to replica football shirts and elephant pants.

Each bar varies from size, decor and how cute and sexy the ladies appear, you can take a quick stroll along both sides of the soi and find anything your heart desires.

From being stopped and asked “do you want to see a ping pong show mister” or bars that still play live music.

Patpong really has something for everyone, from the Steakhouse on Patpong 2, a pint of Guinness in Shenanigans or an amazing line up of cute girls at Kiss bar.


So whatever your taste in ladies or ladyboys, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong really are the places to visit next time you visit Bangkok.


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