The Death of the Personal Ad

It’s 2018—the age of PC nonsense, where women in the West can claim sexual assault for having an unsatisfying one-night stand, and all personal ads are now “human trafficking.” As a result, Backpage and Craigslist personals have been declared illegal by the SJW police, and Thailand is not immune. The loss of these pages means many working girls or independents looking for side hookups now have to find other ways to connect with potential customers, and men who want female company must do the same. But what do you do if you’re a first-time tourist or just in town on business for a night or two? I’ve had nights in the RLD where, hard as a tried to find a girl, it just didn’t happen for one reason or another. Either I didn’t see anyone who caught my fancy, or did but she was already barfined, on her period, or not interested in me. Or all of the above. In the past, when such fiascos threatened to ruin my night, I always had the craigslist W4M ads to weed through and grab someone from (I’m looking at you Zombie, you saucy minx, you little treasure). But those days are over, and I don’t Tinder, because I don’t want my phone tracking my location, and to be honest I don’t understand it. I’m too old.

So where can a un-Tindered man in search of a woman find a woman in search of a man? Well, he can either…..

Head to the red-light and hope the timing works out, or head to the massage places around Suk Soi 24, 24/1 or 33, or….jump online and search one of the burgeoning Bangkok Escort Services. Just Google those 3 words and you’ll get half a dozen or more websites where you can view photos, pick a girl, and voila! Get sweet tang delivered to your doorstep. One of the most recent additions to this list is Absolute Angels Bangkok. Their website has an impressive roster of 70 girls—the most of any site by far—and rates that, as a poor old expat, are out of my price range, but if you were a business man with one night in BKK and wanted to spend it having the time of your life, this service seems like a sure bet. And really, if you were to go out to Nana, buy drinks for yourself and the girl/girls, have a bite, barfine, pay for a short time hotel plus the girl, it comes out to about the same.  The girls range in age between 20 and 28, and from looking at the photos their business model might be “something for everyone.” They offer all shapes and sizes, and looks ranging from sweet and virginal to sinful and sultry. Light skin, dark skin, tall, short, fake breasts, natural ones…….there’s a wide variety, and all on the sexy side.

When I first came to Bangkok, which was my choice for finding a temporary playmate. It was so convenient, not to have to leave the hotel room. Just go online, pick a girl, and an hour later she’s at your door. No need to search bar after bar with slowly-increasing despair if you don’t find someone.  But that was back when Craigslist offered a chance at low-cost freelancers. These days a lack of cash along with my need for a stiff drink and loud music means I’m in the red-light constantly, but I do miss the ease of the online escort service. There’s something to be said for both indulgences.

So even though we have to say goodbye to the naughty classifieds, and even as the go-go scene suffers under the weight of economic strife and the Tindering of this generation, all is not lost. There’s still hope, still some open doors, still opportunities for magic to happen between a man, a woman, his cash, and a Bangkok skyline.

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