Thai Virgin Part 2

Apple decides that than staying in Bangkok is a little boring so we should head off to Phuket for a week and sample the beaches, so like I love sick puppy that’s never had a treat before I agree to do anything she says.

So off to swampy and we a book a flight on arrival via Thai Air (two-week millionaire), we land and I’m thinking ‘ fuck we don’t even have a hotel booked’, yet unbeknown to me Apple has already been doing this for a while and gets the taxi driver to stop off at an agents to look for an overpriced room.

Room booked and I am thinking I can’t wait for another special BJ from this lusty little chick, check in and I am hard as a rock yet she decides to sleep for an hour or so, I head off and explore Phuket for the first time.

3 days pass, we are having fun and some amazing fucking and sucking going on, and she drops a bombshell “ baby is sick I have to go back  Udon”, I feel gutted but I am sympathetic and pay for her flight, she promises she will see me in a couple of days ( I am totally ignorant to the fact she is double booked and off to Pattaya to fuck someone else). So a farewell sex video was made ( yes I still have it) and off she goes, I am like a little lost puppy and don’t know what to do, she goes quiet for a couple of days so I take myself off to Phi Phi island on a day tour hoping to shake off that sinking feeling.

Fast forward to the evening of my Phi Phi tour and it’s a Saturday night, I have found myself an Irish buddy who insists he will show me the ropes in Bangla road, and fuck me he did just that taking me to some of the hottest, dirtiest sexiest bars I have ever seen in my life, 5 hours later and several beers and I am balls deep in a girl who I met an hour ago at a nightclub and she insisted she doesn’t want any money, I shit you not she doesn’t want one baht, so there is me hammering her warm wet pussy from behind and not a thought of Apple or anyone else for that matter and as I shoot my load I realise ‘Whoops no condom’.

We wake up next day and I am thinking the damage is done so let’s do it again, she has huge fake tits and the tightest pussy and I am loving it and the fact that i ain’t using any protection has gone right out of my head…..for now.

Next week, Apple comes back and I get checked out at an SD clinic back home

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