Stickman Revisited: Bargirl Relationships

Stickman Revisited: Bargirl Relationships (Bangkok Sevens Weekly Column)

A few days ago I was rummaging through Stickman’s archives and I came across a piece from May of last year called “Bar Girl Relationships Today“ wherein SM lamented the persistent existence (perxistence) of blokes who—against all reason—believe bar girls make good girlfriends. It made no sense to him that there were still guys out there who thought turning a working girl into a girlfriend was a good idea. My immediate reaction to reading that was “Well of course they do. Because it’s 2018 and everyone’s retarded.” But there’s a slightly more detailed, cause-and-effect reason why these fools  do what they do, and here it is:

In every Western country today there’s a giant swath of men who are alone, and have been alone for years, possibly all their lives. They can’t find a girlfriend and there’s no hope of that ever changing. The reasons for this include: they’re unattractive, they’re broke, they’re afraid to talk to women, women are shallow vapid gold-diggers, and modern culture has destroyed gender roles. The first two reasons have been around for centuries, but the latter three came about in recent decades. Today, men don’t know how to talk to women because talking to women has been turned into a crime. With the rabid insanity of the MeToo movement, the simple act of approaching a women has been redefined as “sexual assault” in the minds of warped Millennials. If merely asking for a phone number can be construed as harassment, then how can a guy even take the first step? If it’s a choice between prison or a sex robot, most would choose the robot, which is why they are (Google “demand for sex robots”).

 Then there’s the problem of women forgetting themselves. Movies, reality TV, and celebrities have saturated the Media with a “me-me-me” mentality and convinced women that they should blame men for their problems while also trying to live like men by being sexually aggressive, authoritative, and shunning their traditional role in a relationship. Everyone’s looking out for number one, which is the opposite of love, thus the very structure of a relationship in the West is broken.

Lastly, as women have embraced masculine roles, men have been turned into women. Intersectional feminism and the SJW vitriol against masculinity have produced a generation of women who’ve taken on the characteristics of men while berating men for those characteristics, and beta males who don’t understand what it means to be a man and instead behave like middle school girls on their period. Women are taught by “Sex in the City” and “50 Shades” that salacious and deviant behavior are the pillars of feminism and liberation. It’s no wonder men are confused. Women have permission to be perverts and sluts while men don’t even have permission to start a conversation. It’s a clusterf*ck.

Then these poor sods come to Thailand, and their whole world gets flipped upside down. They find themselves in a patriarchal society, where women embrace their roles as women. They want to take care of their men. And the bargirls are sexy and sensual, beautiful and beguiling—and not only can you talk to them, you can also touch them and it’s not even a crime! So of course, a gullible rube new to this culture would be captivated by the simultaneous forward and nurturing nature of a bargirl. So friendly, handsy, casual, and come-hither. The polar opposite of a Western girl and everything their hearts have desired since they were old enough to watch softcore adult movies on Cinemax. The perfect amalgamation of sex and servitude, or so they seem at first blush. So the question is not “Why would guys keep falling for bargirls,” rather it’s Why don’t more of them do it?

Now that we have a justification for why guys clamor after this fantasy, let’s also admit they’re retards for doing it. Once the lust and luster wear off, the reason they don’t come to their senses and realize it was just a dream is that they’re morons. They try to force a Buddhist bargirl into the mold of their idyllic Judeo-Christian feminine archetype, a futile endeavor at best, and are surprised when their efforts fail.  They want the girl that was a sexual dynamo on a Nana stage to suddenly stop being that, except in private and on demand, and are shocked when that doesn’t work. For some reason, the girl doesn’t act like the female lead in the movie they recently watched on Netflix. I’ll touch on this topic again and list the signs of this stupidity in the next 10 Top 10 list, but for now, we expats should sympathize, shake our heads, and be grateful that most of the lonely men in the world don’t think to board a plane and come here to rain on our parade. In fact, the more they fail, and the more of them that tell their sob stories online, the better-off the rest of us are. They discourage would-be sexpats from making the trip, so let’s quietly encourage this discouragement. Less douchebags on the soi means more sweet hotties for the rest of us. Speaking of, I happily admit that (knock on wood) in 8 years of this red-light nightlife, I have never—I repeat, never had a bad experience with a bargirl. I credit my attitude and approach, which I’ll lay out for you in a later editorial—maybe next week.

Stay tuned…..

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