Relationship Issues With A Satanic Cowboy Coyote.

In this week’s Hazel’s Agony Aunt Address we talk with Dave about recent relationship issues he had with a Satanic Cowboy Coyote.

Hazel. Hi Dave.

Dave. You don’t want money do you ?

Hazel. No Dave I wanted to talk .

Dave. Didn’t we already talk on Lyin .

Hazel. Line yes we have .

Dave . People on Line want money and that little bear with a heart is evil .

Hazel. I hear you wanted relationship advice ?

Dave. That’s true, what’s the cost ?

Hazel. It’s free .



Dave. Hello.Sorry Hazel I need to build trust again .

Hazel. Can you walk and talk me through your problematic Coyote relationship

scenario .


Well the date ended at the ATM with a request for monthly University Tuition . She also seemed to be touch averse . I sensed our arrangement lacked integrity .

Hazel. Did you get advice? This situation seems dire .

Dave. Yes I contacted my friend Dick.

Hazel. Dick who ?

Dave. Dick Johnson . He said I should forge ahead without fear .

He can be extremely persuasive .

He talks about cats a lot too.

Hazel. mmmmmmm

Dave. Is there a way out.

Hazel. I would recommend an airline ticket out and I’d punch that dick guy .

Dave . Sounds painful. Thanks for the advice.

Hazel. Sure .

Dave . You sound nice do you pole dance?

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