Memories of Patpong

Patpong Bangkok 10500 Thanon Patpong Alley 1 and 2

It’s been written about, appeared in films and many a television series, hosted one or two parties, been frequented by a million worshipers…but there is a first time for everyone.

I’m not wet behind the ears by any stretch, but Patpong is a tantalising ‘go to’ place for entertainment, or pearls as referred to in the song! The fact that they ain’t free would suggest something sinister. It isn’t. It’s human beings being human. It’s people making a living. And the important point here is exactly that, people making a living. Nobody forces you. Homo Sapiens, even with our higher brain structures, and abstract thinking mechanisms, need an outlet for our inner stresses.

My first, and undoubtedly not my last trip down those hallowed Soi was a while ago. The vibrancy, the music, people enjoy each other and their chosen purchases, the lights…hypnotic! I took a beer from a street bar, was quickly surrounded by a few delightful ladies, and treated as a chosen one, which of course you are! This is where your ability to be rational disappears…but who cares, no one is watching. It is business, I am a single adult male, it’s my choice. Costs are fundamental to ones survival, unless the produce is your hearts desire and you are convinced you’re the one. Business is straightforward, little haggle room. Cost and extras are negotiated…they are built for selling, you think you are buying a deal. I did. I’m sure the endless traffic is as exclusive as you. You are special in that momentary lapse of reason! It was a short but wonderful piece of my time. I’m sure she was negotiating the next piece of business as I wandered into the dark alley. And guess what happened next….?

Author @AB

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