Fernie – Interview With An Internet Sensation

Fernie Warisa is a former Hooters girl and freelance model who has made quite an impression recently with her self-promotion on social media and Onlyfans site. When I found out about her, I loved that there was a lady trying something different and trying to make a living after COVID had brought devastation to the Thai economy.

I met Fernie briefly in BarBar Fetish Club in Patpong 2 through a mutual friend who I was shooting for, and I asked Fernie if we could do an interview.  She agreed, was very positive and you can find our interview below. 

Chilled at Barbar Fetish Club

Why and when did you get into the porn industry?

COVID was the main reason. I had no work during the lockdown and I needed to make money and look after my daughter.  Finding work after a lockdown in Thailand was extremely difficult so I decided to give the porn industry a go.

When did you start?

I started to make naked videos in around April of this year.

Have you ever made a porn movie before? Maybe for your eyes only?

Yes of course with my ex, I wasn’t nervous but it wasn’t so much fun.

Could you see yourself moving to another country to make more movies?

If I had that opportunity then yes I would, I would like to visit the USA to possibly work and travel.

Do you watch American Porn movies?

Yeah, my favourite is Blacked.com haha.

So I press Fernie on whether she likes big men, she laughs and with a wicked grin refuses to comment.

Fernie @BarBar Fetish Club

Do you feel okay telling people you are a porn star?

Originally I would get upset when people say I look like a porn star so I block their comments, Now I feel proud of the work that I work as a porn star actress. It no longer upsets me or makes me angry.

I tell Fernie that what I liked when I first met her is that she is honest about her work and has a refreshing attitude in her work and her life. She appreciates my comment and takes it for the compliment it was meant to be.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever been involved with in your short career?

A customer asked for 250 dollars for a chocolate fetish, I rubbed Nutella all over my body ( nope it wasn’t the cheap stuff). I also had a fans-only request that involved a man sending me a photo of his dick. His dick was so small, like 2 inches, and he paid 40 dollars for me to laugh at his small dick.

How many people are involved in the making of your movies and do you like to make small talk before making a movie?

Normally three people, one actor, one makeup and one cameraman, The movies don’t take long to make it all and we often get it done in one or two shots,

Small talk? Well just a little usually.  If I already know the actor I can’t shut up but I would say I am quite a shy person.

Fernie @Patpong Museum

I noticed on social media you ladies take time to promote each other, why is this?

We like to help each other, COVID has made life difficult for everyone so it’s our way of helping. It’s a friendly environment and I am happy to help other ladies.

What profession would you put on your passport?

I would put my profession as a model, but from now on I will be a business owner and will open my own coffee shop, It’s going to be called The Secret Mushroom and we will sell healthy products as well as delicious coffee. It’s going to be located in Bearing.

I’m planning to work in my coffee shop and run the day to day goings-on in my business. I have experience as I was a bartender before being a porn actress.

What do members of your family think? Or do they not know?

To be honest, I am a straight person and like to be honest, I told my Mom at first I did Erotic photos, then not long back I told her I do porn movies. She said it’s okay but be safe and take care of yourself.

My last question. A few weeks ago when I met you in Barbar I was curious how you felt about your first time being spanked.

Yeah, I just put a fetish outfit on but I let my friend spank me a little. It was not so hard, I liked that the candle wax in Barbar it felt quite nice.

And my very last question: what most men always want to know. Does size matter?

Yes, of course, size matters, my ex was big and it felt good.

Fernie, thank you and good luck with your coffee shop and your acting career, it was a pleasure.

After the interview we take a walk over to The Patpong Museum, located in the same building as Black Pagoda on Patpong 2, here I give Fernie a quick tour and take some photos for the interview before we go our separate ways, as we depart Fernie smiles and tells me she is off to get a piercing in time for her next video.

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Jack Nites

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