Octopus Fetish Bar – Meet The Girls

I was recently invited along by my pal Jack Nites to watch him do a photoshoot at Octopus Fetish Bar – the fetish club on Patpong 2.  Jack, as I’m sure you know, is a regular photographer in gogo bars, but shooting in Octopus is a little different.  You have to capture the fetish vibe and Mr Nites will be the first to admit that fetish isn’t really his thing: he likes his sex like cannibals like their stew – all missionary.

We were greeted by the owner, who had organised about a dozen girls to arrive early and don their outfits: PVC and leather were the order of the day. The owner had a few ideas of poses he wanted and organised the girls, with Jack soon taking over, firing away and directing the girls.  After a while I plucked up courage and asked if I could take a few snaps too, and soon was having a whale of a time.  All the girls – dominatrixes, slaves and one ladyboy – were really responsive, posing provocatively and eager to please.  Jack Nites got some cracking shots, as you can see, and I got a couple I like too.

I found the place intriguing: it’s dark and moody, decorated predominantly in black and red with Gregorian chants playing in the background.  Several of the staff have been there for years, with intimidating mistresses,  recalcitrant slave girls, and all manner of instruments of pain and pleasure about the play area and hanging on the walls.  I’m definitely going to give it a try as a paying guest.

If your tastes are less vanilla and more whipped cream, and you feel you’re in need of some corrective therapy then, like me, come and give it a try.  As they are fond of saying “Never Try – Never Know”

You can meet the girls next Thursday the 29th September, where ladies are free to enter with 1 free drink.

You can follow Octopus Fetish Bar on the links below…



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