A Bar Girl Replies: An open letter to Thai bar girls

A couple of months ago,Bangkok Seven wrote 7 suggestions in an open letter to bar girls.

Here Noy replies to our very own Seven’s letter,let us know what you think.

1. So we must choose – one customer always buy one drink for us. Or new customer, yes you right. He on holiday, want to spend money for fun. He buy us many drinks. We make a choose. We make choose like this every night. And sometime we have customer same like friend. Buy us drink, like to talk. Come many times. And when they are real friend, they understand. Sorry. Tonight have rich customer. Some are good men. They say, yes, you go with him, so you make money. But other customer angry us – say they buy drink for us every time, why we not sit with them. But no customer come every night. Maybe customer come twenty time. But then they find other girl, other bar. Always same this. How we know you come tomorrow? Sometime we have friend – not see for one year. He come back happy to see me. So he think I must sit with him. But he not come for one year. I have new customer. New friend.

2. You want girl who speak English, who can know what you say if you talk about Trump. But so why that girl who have most customer are girl speak no English, young girl, just come from country?

3. We no choose you. You choose us. You choose what you want. You want girl to fuck, you want girl to sit get drunk with you. Or you want friend? Yes. Not only money for make me happy. You nice guy, you want sit, you want talk, you want know about my life, I can be friend. But if you my friend, I get angry when you sit with other girl, not talk me, not want know me. Then I know, okay, you not friend. You only customer. You buy drink, I sit with you. You pay barfine I go with you. But why you pretend I same friend, when you not want. You can pay me for go out bar, you can pay me for drink. But you cannot pay for be my friend.

4. Sorry sometime I not smile for you. I try. I come bar every night. Only get two day off. I dance even when sick. I drink tequila too much – sometime better I drunk. I sit with you. Maybe I like you. Maybe I hate you. Maybe you think you buy one drink, you can put finger down me. And maybe I have problem. Maybe I get month money, cut so not have money for pay room. Maybe my father call me want money. Maybe my boyfriend drunk again screw around. What problem you have? But I sorry. My job to make you happy. I sorry cannot do always.

5. You say I come 7.00 not 6.00, that make you think you no like me, no want see me, ever. That okay for me. You so crazy like that, I think maybe best not see me.

6. You want take picture of me naked? You say not show no one. Okay. I have friend lawyer. He write contract – same Donald Trump. But you show or send anyone, you must give me four million Baht. Okay?

You can decide if the reply is real or not,but makes interesting reading either way.



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